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Private Classes

One on One or Small Group Training

When you want to kick it up a notch, private classes take you to the next level of training. Whether you’re preparing for competition, or want some individual attention, sign up for private or small private group classes with our professional ninja staff. Classes are one hour, and are by appointment only via email:

Price per hour is determined by number of students; discounts apply for current students.


Why Take A Private Class?

Focused attention and hands-on instruction during a private class is essential to build your skills, especially if you want to compete. Private classes allow our coaches to give you specific, customized instruction and to work on particular skills or obstacles that are challenging for you. Leading up to a competition, this type of instruction can mean the difference between first and second place.

  • One on one instruction with our ninja coaches
  • Focused instruction, personalized for you
  • Extra attention can be put on certain skills or obstacles
  • Custom training
  • Flexible schedule

Private Class Registration

Email us to set up your private lesson or small group training:

Email us to set up your private lesson or small group training:

Private Parties • Corporate Events • Field Trips

For Private Groups, Companies, and School Groups

Looking for a unique company event, something special for your organization, or a school field trip? A private session for your group at New York Ninja Academy is fun, educational, and completely immersive! It’s exciting, unique, and safe. You won’t find an experience like this anywhere else, and your team will never forget the experience. We can accommodate groups up to 20 ninjas for an hour-long obstacle-filled class. At the end, your party will run a course with lights and sounds, like on the American Ninja Warrior TV show! 

Ages Allowed

For health and safety purposes, our field trips and company outings are limited to the following ages:

  • Kids:  5 years old (must be in Kindergarten)
  • Adults: under 60 years


Prices for field trips, company outings and private parties vary according your needs and number of attendees.

Private Parties • Corporate Events • Field Trip Request Form

Fill out the request form below and we’ll be in touch with you within 48 hours to set up your event.